A former journalist with childhood piano training at Juilliard Pre-College and a stint as a one-time war reporter on her resumé, Kyoko Kitamura is an oddball vocal improviser and composer who has performed and/or recorded with many distinguished musicians including Anthony Braxton, Reggie Workman, Steve Coleman, Jim Staley, and Taylor Ho Bynum.

Mostly recently, she appears on “Trillium E” (New Braxton House 2011), the first ever studio-recording of an Anthony Braxton opera, and can also be heard on the critically acclaimed Taylor Ho Bynum & SpiderMonkey Strings release “Madeleine Dreams” (Firehouse 12 Records 2009), ok}ok’s “Eating Mantis” (RKM Records 2008), Jamie Baum’s “Solace” (Sunnyside Records 2008), and Steve Coleman’s “Lucidarium” (Label Bleu 2004) among others.

She currently works with Anthony Braxton as a vocalist in his Tri-Centric Orchestra and as a board member of his Tri-Centric Foundation. Her own songs are often based on her experiences as a journalist. AllMusicGuide calls her “a major asset… Kitamura is an expressive vocalist who knows how to be quirky and eccentric but is also quite musical.”

Music video “HUNT” from ok|ok’s release “Eating Mantis” which Kitamura produced with two animators from Japan (Yohei Ito and Shingo Igata):